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The Frustrated Voice
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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Liberation from CCSVI - intervention produced steroids

After Ella's liberation she experienced ten days of improvements similar to being on high dose steroids and it occured to me that the improvements she experienced may have been due to the steroids that the body produces naturally after a surgical intervention. I've done a bit of research and consulted a knowledgeable friend, and it turns out that the steroids produced are unlikely to make the kind of difference that high dose steroids do.  

Firstly the amounts produced are minuscule and secondly the intervention was minimally invasive with little surgical trauma. 

So the improvements were not due to steroids so the only conclusion I can come to is restenosis, and when I look back on my time with her in Poland I noticed that the only indicator I had of her CCSVI condition was the thread vein on her cheek.  It was quite obvious to me that after the procedure the vein was less angry and less prominent, but I noticed on the day before our return that her vein had taken on its previous prominent state.

The conclusion I draw from this is that the restenosis probably happened within 5 days of the liberation but that the positive effects of the short term more normal circulation did not manifest until after that period.  Hopefully we will get confirmation of this in the next ten days.

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