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The Frustrated Voice
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Thursday, 11 March 2010

I'm a ccsvi whimp!

I'm a whimp... or maybe I'm tired or even just a tired whimp. Things don't seem quite so overwhelming in the mornings do they? After all it is not me who suffers from CCSVI and MS.
Sometimes I wish it was. It would be easier to cope with I think. Let my daughter have a full and productive life, let me who has had a full and interesting experience be confined to a wheelchair. Still enough winging, on with the next part of the adventure
I'm all set for Poland now, and if the last experience is anything to go by it will all go without a hitch. I've done my homework, I've paid my dues, I've organised, double checked, pinned down the last detail... The rest is in the lap of the Gods as they say.
I suppose the extra worry I am carrying just now, is the fact that Ella is worse now than she was before our first trip to Poland, why would that be? Were the improvements she saw down to natural steroids produced by the body after the surgical intervention? Has the vein restenosed? We will find out next week. There are still so many unanswered questions.

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